Drew Stanton Celebrity Golf Outing and Charity Auction Raises $80,000

By Chrissie Wywrot

NFL veteran Drew Stanton hosted his ninth Celebrity Golf Outing and Charity Auction, June 16, at Hawk Hollow Golf Course in Lansing, Mich., raising $80,000 for the High 5ive Foundation.

Those funds will be directed toward Children’s Miracle Network and Special Olympics of Michigan, two of Stanton’s primary causes.

“It’s special to me getting a chance to come back here and draw on my resources at Michigan State,” said Stanton. “(We have) current Spartans and other guys that are sprinkled throughout the NFL, NHL and NBA.

“It’s a very special event and it’s become a reunion in a sense.”

Taking a look back at photos from previous years shows how this event has evolved over time. Michigan State players and coaches, teammates from the Lions and Cardinals, and pro athletes from other leagues have come and gone from year-to-year.

The one constant has been funding the High 5ive Foundation, something near and dear to Stanton’s heart.

“This is our primary fundraiser,” said Stanton of the June 16 outing. “All of the proceeds will be distributed to Children’s Miracle Network and Special Olympics of Michigan.

“At Sparrow Hospital we’ve been able to redo a teen room, which is one of the very few in the entire country, and (have redone) the entire playroom. Through Special Olympics of Michigan, we’ve been fortunate to donate not only to the Lansing area, but to the entire state of Michigan.”

Honoring A Miracle

Each year at High 5ive’s celebrity golf outing, the foundation honors a family that has been through trauma and emerged out the other side thanks to Sparrow Hospital. This year’s honoree was 13-year-old Jack Kraushaar.

“Our son, Jack, had been sick all day with what we presumed to be the flu,” said Jack’s dad, Mark. “Later in the afternoon, he began to complain of acute pain in his lower right abdomen, and we came to Sparrow with what we thought might be an appendix issue.”

Tests ruled out Jack’s appendix as the problem, instead showing a kidney infection, inflamed gall bladder, and blood- and urine-borne bacteria that was later determined to be staph aureus.

“Jack’s condition deteriorated rapidly into full-blown septic shock by early Friday morning, and the situation became quite serious,” said Mark.

“Dr. Steven Guertin and his team of medical professionals provided outstanding care and response to the situation, stabilized Jack’s condition, and started him on the road to recovery.”

The Kraushaar family had nothing but praise for Sparrow Hospital, where Stanton himself was born in 1984.

“We were honored to have a child at the event to represent Sparrow and the great work that happens there,” said Stanton. “Jack is a great kid and I am thankful for the opportunity to meet him and his family.”

Unwavering Support

Amidst all he has been able to accomplish through his foundation, Stanton has always kept perspective that he can do none of it without his supporters.

“I understand that people have the ability to donate their money to a lot of places, but I want them to be in the forefront of this foundation,” he said. “We continue to grow and grow and now we’ve got to the point where we’ve sold (the golf outing) out.

“That’s a great problem to have.”

With the golf outing in the books, it’s time for Stanton and his family to return to Arizona to prepare for the NFL season. While he won’t physically be in Michigan, he will keep tabs on the causes he supports through the High 5ive Foundation.

“I started the High 5ive Foundation back in 2007 right when I was drafted by the Detroit Lions,” said Stanton. “Being fortunate enough to be drafted in the state where you played your college football, you already have an unbelievable amount of resources.

“Being able to draw on those resources and especially this local community that helped shaped my life and helped me to become the man that I am today is an incredible feeling.”