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Fresh Flint Festival

Fun, Fitness and Healthy Living

For residents of Flint, Michigan lead tainted water coming into their homes has become a way of life. While much progress has been made to remedy the situation it is painstakingly slow. In the meantime thousands of residents continue to rely on bottled and filtered water. While this reliance is inconvenient worse is the fact that exposed residents, including children must learn to manage the lifelong effects resulting from the lead tainted water they were exposed to. Non-profits, for profits, both local and beyond have responded with an abundance of resources to assist afflicted residents; however connecting the resident with needed resources has proven challenging. In response the FRESH FLINT FESTIVAL was designed as a vehicle to make these needed connections.

Festival Spokesperson

Fresh Flint Festival

In response to the Flint Water Crisis that began in 2014, the Fresh Flint Festival was started in 2016. Fresh Flint Festival is a day of fun activities designed to support city residents while promoting fitness and healthy living as a means to mitigate the effects of lead poisoning. The festival is designed to unite our community in compassion and renew commitment and hope for our future together. High 5ive was a major sponsor of the event in 2016 & 2017, donating funding and resources to the event.

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