Drew Stanton partners with Taylor Haugin Foundation to help athletes.

Aug 2, 2016

PHOENIX (KSAZ) – Quarterback Drew Stanton is helping give back to Valley schools (Arizona) and making sure young athletes stay safe.

Stanton was at Mountain Pointe High School along side the Taylor Haugen Foundation. They were fitting football players with what were known as rib shirts that offer protection against abdominal injuries that can be deadly.

Kathy Haugen is the director of the foundation and started it after her son died playing football in 2008.

“He was playing on the JV team, and he jumped up to catch a pass that was overthrown, and he was tackled from the front and back and received a massive rupture of his liver,” said Kathy Haugen.

Stanton has worked with the foundation before and talked about how the shirts keep people safe.

“It is something that I have used the past seven years, every time I step onto the field. What is unique about this is it forms directly to your body,” said Stanton.